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Monday, 12 November 2012

Why I ran 1000 for Children In Need - and will keep going...

In January 2012 I decided to try and do something for charity - a small personal challenge. It was really just an excuse to get fit rather than any grand gesture. I decided to try and run 1000km over the course of a year and given my fitness levels, I wanted to wait until I got a few hundred km under my belt before fund raising. 

My choice of Children In Need, rather than a more specific charity was surprising, but I felt that they would know how best to use any money I raise. I also thought it might be good to join with others in a collective show of support for the numerous projects that Children In Need fund.

There have been times when the running has been hard. Sometimes its been tough to get out of the door to run mainly because of time and occasionally because I can't be bothered or the weather is too bad. I have had no injuries or illness, but even so it can feel hard to run 20km every week - there are lots of good excuses not too. However if I'm in any doubt I have the support of my daughter's words of encouragement - "man-up Dad"!

However what has kept me going has been the thought of the thousands of individuals who work  tirelessly, often in difficult circumstances and without glamour or a spotlight - to help people who need them. Through the people and organisations that help my autistic son, I see a small segment of this part of our society and I am staggered by their unstinting commitment to their causes. It reminds me that the simple act of putting on a pair of running shoes and jogging a few miles a week is a genuine luxury.

I am now past 1250km - I have not raised much money so please sponsor me - in any event I will keep going to the end of the year. 

And who knows maybe I'll just keep going through 2013.

So why not sponsor me (, join me or set your own challenge.



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