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Friday, 14 October 2011

What do businesses need from universities?

I am currently preparing some material for a review on University-Business interactions and I would like to gather as much opinion as possible from you, the business community. I would be very grateful if you can answer five questions which will help me and others understand what businesses really need from universities and how if necessary we can make some positive changes?

Five questions for businesses - how can universities help you?

1. What is the most valuable form of contact that you have with universities?

(e.g. access to trained staff, interns / placement students, access to facilities, staff training / CPD, consultants, research collaboration, access to IP etc...)

2. What can universities do to make themselves more visible / accessible to business?

3. What would increase your level of engagement with universities?

4. What barriers have you encountered in accessing or working with universities?

5. What single action could a university take that would have an immediate positive benefit to your business?

Please feel free to comment below the piece - or by email to

Many thanks in advance for your help.


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